Lent: Fourth Sunday

Does Our Guardian Angel Understand Us?

If we are to have a genuine relationship with our Guardian Angel we have to be clear about the purpose of this Angel.

There is a beautiful prayer that we can pray every day to strengthen our relationship with our Guardian Angel. This prayer acknowledges and reinforces the purpose of this Angel and its place in our shared relationship.

Prayer to the Angel

You, my heavenly friend, my Angel,
You who have led me to the earth
and will lead me through the gate of death
into the spiritual home of the human soul;
You, who have known the path for thousands of years;
Never cease to enlighten me, to strengthen me, to advise me,
that I may emerge from the consuming fire of destiny a stronger vessel
and learn ever more to fill myself
with a sense for the goals of the spiritual world.
Ernst Karl Plachner 1896-1982

As we deepen our understanding of the truth that this Angel accompanies us, we should not think that its presence absolves us of responsibility for our own life. In fact, if we do not become more conscious of the spiritual worlds of which we are an integral part, then, when we pray to God our prayers only reach our Guardian Angel. We are like the fish in the fish tank hoping that our owner will feed us. We are unconscious of everything beyond that.

This brings us to the understanding that our Guardian Angel is only a part of the equation. Adriana Koulias says:

“Now my Angel has to trust also. My Angel has to trust that sometimes the ‘truth’ of the spirit can only find its way to human hearts through a human voice and this is not always what the Angel can foresee!

I trust that my Angel knows what I should be doing. My Angel trusts that I know what I’m doing.”

If we understand that the beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy evolve too, then we know that Angels were at the ‘human-stage’ in the long distant past. While they guard and guide us now, it is important to realize that we are at a stage in evolution beyond what they experienced when they were at the ‘human’ stage. If we think about this it puts our relationship with our Guardian Angel into true perspective.

Image: Angel with sword of fire by Arild Rosenkrantz

From The Secrets of the Christian Festivals

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