Holy Night 4 applied to Aries

December 27-28 – Aries

Consciously purify the astral body: antipathy and sympathy are converted into universal love. Passions and desires keep silent.

The power of Christ penetrates with his light and his strength what is Luciferic in us.

Mystery: The work on ourselves serves the best interests of the whole. The Archangel Uriel holds up a mirror in which we see ourselves as we are.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 adjusted by Mark Willan 2016

  1. Heilige Nacht

27./28. – Widder

Bewusst den Astralkörper reinigen: Antipathie und Sympathie wird in All-Liebe umgewandelt. Leidenschaften und Begierden schweigen. Die Christuskraft durchleuchtet und durchkraftet in uns, was luziferisch ist.

Mysterium: Die Arbeit an uns selbst dient dem Wohl des Ganzen. Der Erzengel Uriel hält uns den Spiegel vor, in dem wir sehen, wie wir sind. ~Rudolf Steiner

Fourth Contemplation by Kristina Kaine in 2020

How do we experience the power of Christ within us? Do we see him in others? His power in us creates a wonderful light and this light of Christ reveals who we really are. This happens because the power of Christ is love. When we experience that love within us, and within others, we can then express who we really are. If someone doesn’t like us being who we really are then the love within us will be at peace with their responses or reactions.

Do we understand why we like one person more than another? We have a lot of excuses about why this might be, generally to do with how they present themselves. Through our astral body we like or dislike them for their actions, the way they are, without fully understanding why we respond in this way. Our response to them has its beginnings in past lives – do we consider that? For this reason our sympathy and antipathy must be converted into universal love, Christen-ed love.

It is a very important task for us now to consider that we live many lives on this earth. It is only on this earth that we have the opportunity to develop spiritually. Each time we incarnate we express an aspect of ourselves that needs developing, and we encounter the people who will assist us with this work. If our focus is only on the present life with no thought for past lives, or future lives, we can’t fully know ourselves. Through our commitment to know and love Christ, within us and within others, we begin to see ourselves as we are, and accept others as they are.

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Virgin of the Rocks (Louvre version) by Leonardo da Vinci, 1483–86

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