Lent: Sixth Sunday

 Our Guardian Angel and Palm Sunday

Through the weeks of Lent we have considered ideas to assist us to have a genuine experience of our Guardian Angel. These ideas have shown that this relationship is not static; it changes as we develop our understanding of the spiritual world. This spiritual world is not ‘up there’, we live in it, it is all around us and in us. We don’t see it because our gaze is drawn to physical manifestations.

How would this world appear if the spiritual world in which we live divested itself of its physical appearance? What would we see if the physical world disappeared from view? We would see all the spiritual activity that sustains the earth with its vegetation, animals, and human beings. We would also see the activity of the Angels as the messengers, angelos, of the Cosmos who communicate earthly events to higher beings, while at the same time making themselves available to communicate Cosmic events to us if we are willing to hear them.

In our journey through Lent, we approach Palm Sunday and in this story we find each of the four elements; the dusty earth, the etheric palm leaves, the astral donkey, and Jesus who represents the highest earthly expression of humanity, the I Am. It is the I Am that is able to subdue the animal that has never been ridden – that is its task now.

Palm Sunday tells us that our astral (animal) has never been ridden by a human I Am – think about what it takes to break-in a horse or a donkey. Angels are connected to the astral worlds, and hence with the forces of our astral body, which means that they will help us break-in our astral. They won’t do it for us but if we show signs of willingness they will assist us all the way. This gives us a very strong motive to have a real relationship with our Guardian Angel. The Secrets of the Christian Festivals https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08D6CPL8D/

Angels by Iris Yves

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