Lent: Fifth Sunday

How to Collaborate With Our Guardian Angel
How often do we think about the effect of our deeds on the future? We all know that if we save money today, at some future point we will have enough money to buy something we want. But, how often do we think about the effect of our deeds on a future incarnation?
In his series of lectures on Karmic Relationships, Rudolf Steiner spoke about the way our Guardian Angel is like Cosmic soil receiving our deeds as a root from which to bring forth fruit in the future. He urges us to create vivid imagery when we address our Guardian Angel in connection with our deeds that will subsequently bear fruit, saying this will produce an abundance of fruit. See Karmic Relationships Vol VI https://rsarchive.org/…/English/RSP1971/19240601p01.html
In this way we can be more conscious of how we can work in collaboration with our Guardian Angel. The finest collaboration will come the more we are able to function through our I Am. As we increasingly express ourselves though our I Am rather than our astral, the level of control over our thoughts, feelings and actions will affect our Angel. If something happens that displeases our astral, it is through our I Am that we can be objective. It is this objectivity that signals to our Angel that we are able to carry the load, or at least some of it. This frees our Angel from its duty as Guardian and together, through our deeds, which are now more conscious and purposeful, we create the fruitful future.
If we want world peace then we will create it by being peaceful. If we want to help make the world a safer more respectful place, then through our commitment to free up our Guardian Angel, by taking into account the consequences of every deed, we will create it. It all starts with our ability to control our astral reactions to our karma and see every karmic episode as an opportunity to work with our Guardian Angel for the future of all humanity. Kristina Kaine The Secrets of the Christian Festivals https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08D6CPL8D/
Art: Steven DaLuz

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