Easter Sunday – resurrection


What is it really like to die, to pass through the grave, and then to experience the resurrection? These processes of death, burial and resurrection are an integral part of our lives. They happen every day all around us in myriads of ways. Mostly we don’t notice them except if a family member or friend dies. Even then, we only focus on the death part of the process.

As we contemplate the resurrection during the time of resurrection, it could be helpful to be more aware of other death-burial-resurrection processes in our lives. It happens in nature, in our relationships, in our work processes and even in our digestion, and more. It is not hard to see these three processes taking place in nature, it takes a little more effort to see them in our relationships and work. Our relationships would not survive without the death-burial-resurrection process, and this is why they sometimes break down because those involved become stuck in one or the other stage. In digestion, our food is killed in our stomach by the gastric enzymes, buried in our intestines, and resurrected in our blood.

We could even say that the whole purpose of the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus was to put these three processes front and center for all human beings. Not only that, the human race is going through this same process in the broader evolutionary context. We died to the spiritual worlds when we took on human form; we are buried in this physical world; and we have now commenced the resurrection process.

This resurrection process is a personal journey and it is up to us to engage with it. Although, thank goodness, our digestion is not up to us, it is possible that if we consume food without the right attitude, damage to our body may result. The breakdown in friendships, and in interest groups, is certainly due to the unwillingness to move forward into the new.

The resurrection is a powerful image of hope as we pass through the greatest period of darkness that humanity ever experienced. How incredible that a mighty God called Christ struggled to enter into a body of matter, having no idea what it was like, just so that we could find our way out of the darkness in which we currently live! Kristina Kaine https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Christian-Festivals-Kristina-Kaine-ebook/dp/B08D6CPL8D

Art: Ladislav Zaborsky

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