Secrets of Evolution are in the Bible

Often, when I speak about the Bible, not so many people engage with what I say. There are not as many likes or shares. Yet, the Bible is the bridge to a true understanding of evolution. Evolution is our future history, understanding it helps us understand ourselves. It helps us... Read More

Finding Christ in our lives

All my books explore the many ways we can find the activity of Christ in our lives. Leaving the church aside, we can look for the simple ways he is active in every day moments. In our thoughts and feelings, in our activity, Christ is there, we just have to... Read More

Prayer – its true nature

We are living in very challenging times and more and more people are inclined to pray for different outcomes. Especially at a time like this it is important to understand the true nature of prayer. The nature of prayer is misunderstood; many people see it as an opportunity to petition... Read More

Discovering who we really are

The last book in the Bible, Revelation, does exactly what it’s name says – it reveals. What does it reveal? Us! Who we really are. For 3 years, each week from April 2007 till April 2010 I revealed some of the hidden meaning of this book. This is what I... Read More

Humanity’s Last Stand

Review of Humanity’s Last Stand by Nicanor Perlas If you don’t know much about Artificial Intelligence can I urge you to look into it. Nicanor Perlas has observed the forward march of this technology for many years from the inside. He can see that the march is becoming a sprint,... Read More

Which Disciple’s traits are working in you? #3

“When we think of Jesus and his Disciples, we should be equally mindful of the mighty Cosmic Spirit called Christ gradually becoming infused into the body of Jesus. Only when we think of this Being in this way can we approach the truth of the situation. Two beings; Jesus the... Read More

Which of these disciples is working in you? #2

In several places Rudolf Steiner spoke of the importance of having 12 views. The following quote is very appropriate because it shows how the 12 Disciples were integral to the process of Jesus becoming Christen-ed. “When through the training described we enter the Imaginative world and see a picture of... Read More

Which disciple’s traits are working in you?

The 12 disciples represent 12 different characteristics and they also represent 12 ways to understand or approach spiritual truth. This could mean that one person approaches spiritual truth in the Andrew way, while another approaches it in the Phillip way. It is said that there are 12 paths up the... Read More