St John’s Tide

“St John’s festival reminds us that complacency and prejudice will destroy us, and destroy this world. The struggle for knowledge, the striving to experience spiritual... Read More

Lent Day 24

At this time we are called to develop ideas about the contemporary Christ Being. If we agree that nothing remains the same, that everything changes... Read More

Lent Day 21

Above all else we love our freedom. How do we have this freedom? Only because of Christ’s journey through Golgotha. Continuing the text from yesterday... Read More

Lent Day 8

We know that life on this earth is not easy for so many people, destruction and chaos arise in so many places, both man made... Read More

Holy Night 7

December 30-31 – Cancer The serpent in the hilt of the sword. Wisdom. Occupy yourselves with elevated lectures. It is the night of the great... Read More