Lent Day 8

We know that life on this earth is not easy for so many people, destruction and chaos arise in so many places, both man made and through natural causes. Many question whether there is a loving God, and for many the answer is probably not. This leaves a lack of hope in many cases, which leads to a lack of respect for our fellow human beings. Freedom is restricted as rigid rules are imposed by all levels of government, and other organisations. This undermines personal freedom to make choices and be responsible for our choices. Rudolf Steiner spoke clearly of this almost 100 years ago in 1920.

“The solution to our social problems will be found to the degree in which men are able to feel the Christ-Impulse in their souls. All other solutions will lead only to destruction, to chaos. For all other solutions are based on the conception of man as an earthly being. But in our own day man is outgrowing the state of mind which permits him to think of himself as a purely earthly, physical being. The new experience of the Christ will arise out of the harmony of men’s souls, and out of their need. October 31st, 1920

Image: 2nd Trumpet by Rodney Matthews

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