Holy Night 11

January 3-4 – Scorpio

It is the eleventh night. It is the struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold.

We must build within us the mystery of the grail castle. We must profess loyalty to the Almighty in Scorpio.
R. Steiner

Eleventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

The third crown reveals our pure will – we could call it will-filled will. It means that we are infusing our earthly will with spiritual will. Will is a directive force, in its purest form is creates. It is this will which we need if we are to meet the Guardian of the Threshold and survive the struggle. Who is this Guardian? It is our True Self, the highest expression of our I Am. If we think we don’t like aspects of our personality now, when we meet our True Self we will see all these aspects in full reality. It could be that the things we dislike in ourselves are actually our strengths, and vice versa.

It is the Guardian’s role to prevent us from entering the spiritual worlds prematurely. Our life is a preparation for this crossing. The best preparation we can undertake is to work as consciously as possible with feeling, thinking and willing. Not only that, but also to stop being biased about what we like and dislike. Then we stop being critical of others, we allow them to be themselves as we also accept ourselves as we are. This is what is meant by purifying our will. It is a mighty tool which gives us infinite control over ourselves.

At this stage in human evolution it is critical that we work with our will, imposing it on ourselves not others. While this seems challenging, we are assisted by the inner Grail Forces. We receive these Grail Forces as our blood becomes the blood of Christ. The sign that this is happening is when we “leave everything … house, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and lands for my sake” (roughly translated words spoken by Jesus Mt 10:29-30). Not that we will actually leave them but the Christ force in our being takes precedent. How do we know that this is happening? When we love, truly love, one another. We see the beauty in everyone we meet because we see Christ in them before we see any of their perceived faults. Then we wear the third crown. 2015

Image: Crucifixion (showing angels collecting the Grail blood)- Raphael, 1502-1503

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