Lent Day 7

“The Cosmic Christ entered into this earth through the vehicle of Jesus and this spirit dwells in us. It dwells in us primarily through every breath we take and through the food we eat; food that is grown in the earth which is now the body of Christ. As we accept the reality of this we begin to experience his etheric presence in the life-force of this earth and in our own etheric body. Now we begin to treat every person as if they were Christ. We arrest every negative thought before it forms because we see that we would be thinking that thought about Christ. We are careful about all our feelings and motives because of our respect for Christ in the other person. In this way we transform ourselves and we raise the other person up as well. As St Paul said, “the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27 If we did nothing else but contemplate this mystery each day through the year ahead we will change the world.” The Twelve Holy Nights – Night 12, 2012 by Kristina Kaine.

St. Mary Magdalene Or St. Thais In The Desert by Jusepe de Ribera 1641

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