Lent Day 18

Imagine if you will the mood in the spiritual worlds at this time over 2,000 years ago as Jesus prepared himself for crucifixion. All the beings in the spiritual worlds felt as if something was leaving them. It must have felt like how we would feel at the impending death of our parents or partners.

“You see, therefore, that what came to pass in the Mystery of Golgotha is not merely an inner affair of men or of the earth, but is equally an affair of the gods. Through the Event on Golgotha, the gods themselves for the first time acquired inner knowledge of the mystery of death and of birth on the earth, for they had previously had no part in either. Therefore we have this momentous fact before us: a divine Being resolved to pass through human destiny on the earth in order to undergo the same fate, the same experiences in earthly existence, as are the lot of man.” 13th April, 1922

Image: Christ of Saint John of the Cross, 1951 by Salvador Dali

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