First Sunday of Lent 10 March, 2019

Preparing for Easter gives us the opportunity to enter into the event consciously.

It is such a simplistic thing to say that Golgotha is about the crucifixion of Christ. What does that actually mean? Well, nothing to someone who does not ‘believe’ in Christ for a start! So how relevant is the crucifixion for intelligent 21st century human beings? It becomes very relevant for every single person if we look first to the I-forces.

Our ability to say “I”, which points to ourselves as individual beings, separating us from everything in our environment, is the great gift human beings are in the process of receiving. Minerals, plants and animals can’t say “I”. This ability to say “I” is exclusive to human beings and it gives us self-consciousness, a consciousness of self. This is me, that is you, that is the table which is not me.

Throughout the week ahead we can observe how the word “I” is used.

Adam and Eve by Rubens

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