Second Sunday of Lent 17 March 2019

We should always ask ourselves the question: how conscious of ourselves are we really? The ancient initiates had a saying, “Man, know thyself.” This is still relevant today. Golgotha is the story of how we become fully conscious of ourselves and all that surrounds us.

When we experience our “I” we experience being separate from everything else in our environment. It didn’t used to be this way, once we felt part of the homogenized whole, a drop in the cosmic ocean. Something of this can be found in Aboriginal dreaming. Gradually we separated out and became individuals and we are in the process of rejoining the whole but now as self-realized or self-born beings. That is the story of Golgotha in a nutshell.

As we walk towards Golgotha this year realizing that we are now empowered to know ourselves, to be more conscious of ourselves, we prepare for a more powerful inner Golgotha.

The First Day by George Kofas

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