Fourth Sunday of Lent 31 March, 2019

There is much to learn about the individualization we go through to be able to know ourselves and become fully I-beings, fully individual. For one thing, it just so happens that the only place we can have this experience of being separate, individual beings is in a place where there is matter, the physical element earth.

Therefore, as soul-spiritual beings we assume physical bodies and individuate ourselves. This is a very selfish process for once we are self-enclosed beings we are inclined to forget everyone else and put ourselves first. Hence, selfishness and egotism arise in us – which is fine – as long as it doesn’t become a habit.

It is the inner activity of overcoming this selfishness that actually gives birth to our I-being which then leads us to our Higher Self, our I AM. As we resist our desire to take advantage of others by putting ourselves first, we ennoble ourselves. This is the simple explanation of the human I in all its facets and processes.

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