Third Sunday of Lent 24 March, 2019

We are born into the physical world, life after life we work to fully incarnate our I-consciousness, our true individuality. This is a work that depends not only on our own efforts but on the evolution of the human race in general. When conditions are right, and we are able to live in the physical world expressing the fullness of our I, then this I is crucified in the physical world so that it can express itself both in the physical world and the spiritual world through its elevated consciousness – this is the resurrection.

It would be entirely appropriate to ask why we have to go to all this trouble. Why don’t we just stay in the spiritual worlds and simply be spiritually conscious beings? The answer to this pivotal question is that we would remain part of the undifferentiated whole and there would not be progress. Progress is an essential part of the universe. We call this progress ‘evolution’ and it is everywhere evident in the universe.

You may be aware of the confusion about the dates of Easter this year. Jonathan Hilton has written a wonderful essay on the issue suggesting that we “participate in this becoming [of Easter].”

Emmaus by Jean-Marie Pirot known as Arcabas

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