Michael suppressing the dragon

Michaelmas preparation

The next Christian Festival we will celebrate is Michaelmas at the end of September. This gives us plenty of time to create imaginations of the work of this mighty being Archangel Michael. He has traveled into our midst in the story of St George and the Dragon. The story of AA Michael show us ways of enlivening our consciousness in this materialistic age.

‘Our best defense is to take advantage of Michael’s sword which is sense free thinking. For this we need our will forces to free our thinking with its personal bias.

In his lectures published as “Language of the Consciousness Soul” Rudolf Steiner states very clearly,

“True insight allows the will to shoot up into the intelligence of the individual man. Blind will and abstract intelligence appear as beings; Lucifer and Ahriman.”

Then, in “Michaelmas and the Soul-Forces of Man” he says,

“Michael power arises in us when thoughts about spirit thrill us, electrocute us and change us forever. The dragon is fed by abstract thoughts. Michael power comes when thoughts about spirit grip us as powerfully as anything in the physical world.”

In another place he says,

“Michael leads man to experience the etheric Christ as the inner Sun of the soul as free and fully conscious man.”’

Kristina Kaine “Esoteric Christian Festivals” (soon to be published)

Archangel Michael by Baron Arild Rosenkrantz

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