Mystery of Golgotha in Us

As we prepare for Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday, 26th February, it is good to think about its connection to our own spiritual development.

The Mystery of Golgotha is an awesome mystery. Many of us have been trying to understand it for years and we still must admit that even with the assistance of our wonderful teacher Rev Mario, much of it remains a mystery. It is interesting to think about the beings who wrote the script for Golgotha. Did they collaborate? Did they consult each other about the types of death one could have, did they have a list; “struck on the head by a rock”, “falling from a mountain top”, “caught in a camel stampede”? Do people, if they think about it, honestly think that this mystery is only about a man called Jesus who lived two thousand years ago and was crucified on a wooden cross because that is how people were put to death then? If so then no wonder they don’t make anything of it.

Can’t people see that it is a mystery about us! That it contains the mystery of our own being, every one of us, every single, individual person on this earth. Golgotha, that gruesome crucifixion with its blood and gore, is about us.

The Last Supper, the Betrayal in the Garden, the Three Trials, the Scourging, the Crowning with Thorns, the Sacrifice, each one speaks of our own biography. Within our being these things occur continually and each year we have the opportunity to revisit them. Then, throughout the rest of the year we are equipped to work with each one until we are redeemed, raised step by step to a new consciousness.

Every time we complain about some event in our life then we are not the quietly confident Jesus waiting for the complete integration of the Christ consciousness.

Painting: The Crucifixion by Liane Collet D’herbois

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