The Revelation – background

I was introduced to The Book of Revelation, and for that matter the Bible, in 1983 by my spiritual mentor Rev Mario Schoenmaker whom I first met in October 1982. His love for the Bible and his experience of the living Christ flowed from his heart to mine for fourteen years until his death in 1997. I was so astounded by this man and his knowledge that in 1984 I put forward a question for the New Year guidance he gave each year:

“Can we present the teachings differently so that they reach more people?”

I asked this question because the esoteric (hidden under the surface) interpretation of the Bible can use terms that are not easily understood by someone who encounters them for the first time. This was certainly my experience. So I asked the question and this was the response:

“In terms of those who will receive and teach, yes. Thus each one takes [the teachings I give] within oneself, transforms it, adjusts [their] consciousness accordingly and teaches, in accordance, again, with the consciousness around about [them], to the levels that must be reached. But [I] your brother cannot do that, understand that.”

In writing these reflections 23 years later I have a sense that I am doing what Rev Mario suggested. Many people all over the world receive them each week and some email me saying that they are so grateful that I have unveiled the Bible for them. I know how they feel because I had the same experience with Rev Mario all those years ago. For me, now, it is as if his words go out all over the world through my consciousness as he predicted in 1984.

What I write is not intended to interpret The Revelation; that has already been done by many people in many different ways. This writing is certainly not intended to be definitive. Nor is it an academic treatise, there are very few references because I have drawn on my own knowledge and understanding always referring to the original Greek words used at the time of Christ. As I explore the meaning of the Greek words I am often surprised to see what is revealed in the meaning of these ancient words. Sometimes it feel like thoughts were thinking themselves in me and when this happens I have to remain open, but also testing these ideas alongside what I know from my own study. I have tried to open up The Revelation as a map of the developing human consciousness. This is just one way of looking into this last book of the Bible. I hope the ideas put forward will be a catalyst for your own insights and inspiration.

Kristina Kaine.

These Reflections were written weekly between April 30, 2007 and April 27, 2010 – available on Amazon

St John on Patmos byJohannes Gleismuller

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