This is a beautiful prayer from my mentor and teacher, Rev Mario Schoenmaker
Lord, we have prayed much and yet not enough.
We have prayed with words, with deeds, with thoughts;
we have prayed with our will, with our emotions
and, Lord, we realise that this may not be enough.
So now we pray again for the descent of the light into this world,
for the healing of many wounds,
for a revelation of your might, your love, your compassion,
for an understanding of the way you work in human affairs.
We confess and acknowledge that so often we think only of ourselves,
our own needs, our own pains, our own desires,
and that at times we forget that we are part of a whole,
part of the cosmos, part of the divine, part of the human race.
So we pray that our eyes may be opened
that we may see beyond the boundaries
of our own selfishness and selfish desires,
and see the struggle in human relations,
in nations and wherever people are in pain.
We pray that this day when the love of the sun
Shines the longest
That we may become more aware,
more sensitive to that which really belongs to us.
May today be a day of reflection, of understanding, of revelation and of power.
This we pray in the name of him who came in the form of Jesus. So shall it be
30/11/93 Full Moon Service
Painting: Christian Prayer by Ladislav Zaborsky

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