Christ in you

Holy Night 5 2017

December 28-29 – Taurus Consciously purify the body of thought, discipline thinking, concentrating on the positive, transforming the black doves of thought into white doves,... Read More

Lent Day 32

April 1 Making Christ a living reality in our lives is the purpose of every human being on this earth. There are many ways to... Read More

Lent Day 22

If anyone thinks there is no need to bother about Christ they are sadly mistaken. Christ is THE reason for human existence; he is the... Read More

Lent Day 12

How do we give birth to Christ within us? How do we make the inner experience of Christ real? Rudolf Steiner explain one way this... Read More

Lent Day 11

The mystery of Christ will never be understood as long as we think of Him as a being ‘out there somewhere’. He is no longer... Read More

Lent Day 1

Preparing for Easter makes Easter more meaningful. Through the 40 days of Lent, we walk with Jesus the man who gradually took into himself a... Read More