Lent Day 28

Christ does not take our sin away, but he does prevent our sin from damaging the universe. While he doesn’t resolve our karma for us,... Read More

Lent Day 27

The opposing spiritual powers have a great purpose in our lives. Through them we were able to enter into this earth and become free beings.... Read More

Lent Day 26

One aspect of the Mystery of Golgotha means that we are now personally responsible for the decisions we make about our spiritual development. Another very... Read More

Lent Day 25

Lent is a good time to think about the contribution we each can make to spiritual development of the earth. In his book “The Michael... Read More

Lent Day 24

At this time we are called to develop ideas about the contemporary Christ Being. If we agree that nothing remains the same, that everything changes... Read More

Lent Day 23

If we think carefully about the process of Christ entering into the body of Jesus we can understand why it had to happen slowly over... Read More

Lent Day 22

If anyone thinks there is no need to bother about Christ they are sadly mistaken. Christ is THE reason for human existence; he is the... Read More

Lent Day 21

Above all else we love our freedom. How do we have this freedom? Only because of Christ’s journey through Golgotha. Continuing the text from yesterday... Read More

Lent Day 20

Contemplation of the true meaning of sacrifice stands out in Rudolf Steiner’s words at the end of the lecture series “From Jesus to Christ.” “Christ... Read More

Lent Day 16

In his book “And the Earth Becomes a Sun, Sergei Prokofieff enters into an extraordinary study of the Deed of Christ on Golgotha. He says... Read More